Domestic moving

Domestic moving

According to customer's request, we will provide domestic moving in a safe, secure way with low price and high quality. It includes a series of door-to-door services such as packing, shipment, delivery and unpacking.


Office relocation service

1.Before moving: After pre-move inspection on the site, we will submit a detailed transfer plan and estimatation.

2.During moving:In order to let relocation proceed in order, we will do curing (protection) of the building and take pictures to save as well.

3.After moving: We will inspect on each item and remove garbage.

4.Completion of moving: We will send an expenses list and provide follow-up services.


Contact information of each branch

Name Phone number E-mail Address

Shanghai Branch TEL:021-5169-1533

Dalian Branch TEL:0411-8256-1187

Beijing Branch TEL:010-6460-6198

Tianjin Branch TEL:022-5817-0133

Qingdao Branch TEL:0532-6688-8060

Suzhou Branch TEL:0521-6805-4612

Hangzhou Branch TEL:0571-2802-9322

Guangzhou Branch TEL:020-3882-4338

Shenzhen Branch TEL:0755-8359-0712

Xiamen Branch TEL:0592-602-0750

Wuhan Branch TEL:027-8560-1668

Chengdu Branch TEL:028-8670-1052

Chongqing Branch TEL:023-8832-9811

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