International Moving

International moving business covers moving from China to Southeast Asia, America, Europe, South American countries. Generally speaking, moving to Japan will take about 30 days by ocean transportation and 7-10 days by air transportation. Customers must submit an "Unaccompanied Luggage Declaration form" when you arrive in Japan.

Application requirements

1. Foreigners(except from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

•  Have a long residence permit (specific requirements depend on the type of visa)

•  After your luggage has been collected, we will keep your passport for export procedures (It may be unnecessary according to shipping method.)

•  When arriving in Japan, you should submit a "accompanied goods / unaccompanied goods declaration form" to the customs office, and receive a customs confirmation seal.

2. People from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

•  Mainland travel permit

•  Registration form of temporary residence

3. Chinese

•  passport

•  foreign employment visa or student visa for one year or more

•  resident card or permanent resident card

※ Other documents or conditions may be required in addition to the above requirements. For more details, please contact with our staffs.

Moving schedule

1. Preview / Estimate

We recommend you to inquire 1-1.5 months before returning to Japan. We will provide guidance on necessary documents and moving proposal.

2. Professional packing service

We will provide professional packing service according to customer's needs.

3. Luggage customs clearance

3-4 days before returning to Japan, we will keep your passport, original employment certificate, copy of flight ticket etc. and declare customs clearance as your agent.

4. Submit ‘Unaccompanied goods declaration form’

When you arrive at Japanese airport, you should submit the ‘Unaccompanied goods declaration form’, and give the receipt notification to Yamato counter at the airport.

5 Luggage delivery

When we receive the documents from the customer, we will begin with import procedures in Japan. Our staff will discuss with you about delivery time. The whole shipping process will be followed up until luggage is delivered.


  • Baggage sorting /shipping method

      Please try to divide your luggage roughly as follows for preliminary inspection.

      1.Things that I really want to bring to Japan

      2.Things that I would like to bring to Japan if possible

      3.Things to give away or to sell

      4.Things to throw away

      5.Things that want to use until moving

      6.Luggage that bring by myself (that will be used after returning home before receiving baggage, such as children's school supplies)

  • Packing Tips

      1.When you pack by yourself, please record the contents and quantity of each package and hand it to our staff.

      2.When packing fragile goods etc., you can insert a towel etc. in the gap as a buffer material, so as to transport safely without waste.

      3.You can pack books etc. in small cardboard boxes. If you tightly pack them in a big box, it will be heavy. It may cause damage, and become inconvenient for you when you handle it after arriving in Japan.

      4.When the box is closed, if the top or side is bulging or rattling sound inside can be heard when shaking it, it is highly possible that the box will be damaged and the contents will be broken during transportation. You need to repack it in this case.

  • Package transportation provision

      Ocean shipment

      Shipping charge is determined by volume (M3 or CFT). Since it has nothing to do with weight, heavy items, furniture, bulky items are recommended to ship by this method. It will take about 1 month from receiving goods till delivery.
      1.The minimum volume is 1M3. The size is approximately 1/4 of a closet (1 M3 is about 35 CFT).
      2.In order not to damage the cardboard boxes, we will put every box on the pallet and repack it as a whole before putting it into the container (exterior packing). The charge claimed will be calculated according to the exterior volume.

      ※Size of each box=Interior packing volume (NET)
      ※Size after repacking each box from outside=exterior packing volume(GROSS)
      ※For company clients, please check in advance whether the volume in your company’s regulations is exterior packaging volume (GROSS) or interior packaging volume (NET). ※For company clients, if it exceeds the provisions of your company, the extra fare may be borne by individuals. Therefore please confirm the provisions carefully.

      Air shipment

      The fare of air shipment is calculated by weight (kg). However, in case of light and bulky goods, the fare will be calculated by volume. Speedy is the merit of this shipment method.

      1.Volume weight

      Volume weight=length(cm)× width(cm)×height(cm)÷6000(cm), this volume weight will be compared with actual weight of goods , and the heavier one will be applied as the fare weight.
      e.g.)In case of futon
      The actual weight after packing is 10kg, the volume weight after packing is 50 × 50 × 34 ÷ 6000 = 14.16 kg, and the fare weight in this case is 14.16 kg.

      ※The heavier one between actual weight (GROSS WEIGHT) and volume weight (VOLUME WEIGHT) is the fare weight (CHARGEABLE WEIGHT).
      ※When there are multiple boxes, the heavier one between total actual weights and total volume weights will be charged.
      ※For company clients, if it exceeds the provisions of your company, extra fare may be borne by individuals. Therefore please confirm the provisions carefully. ※Children's school supplies, laptop computers, etc. are recommended to be brought by yourself.

      2.List of cardboard sizes (please refer to Q & A)


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上海宝山仓库 上海市宝山区南大路458号4·7·8·9号仓库 +0086-021-6250 4277

上海松江仓库 上海市松江区九亭经济开发区伴亭路418号底楼 +0086-021-6040 1581

上海外高桥仓库 上海市外高桥自由贸易试验区申亚路160号1楼 +0086-021-3875 0116

北京仓库 北京市顺义区府前一街甲15号 +0086-010-6458 6498

青岛仓库 山东省青岛市黄岛区前湾港路68号青岛保税物流园区2号库办公楼207室 +0086-0532-8688 0534

深圳FC仓库 深圳市宝安区福永镇下十围路2号群晖科技园 +0086-0755-2733 3442

广东珠海仓库 广东省珠海市南屏科技园屏西二路2号 +0086-0756-8919 313

广州萝岗仓库 广东省广州市蘿崗区雲埔三路21号普洛斯物流園B1-13、14平台 +0086-020-3221 8920

大连内贸及电商仓库 辽宁省大连市保税区填海区南港路18号 大连海港庆丰物流中心4楼D和C库位 +0086-0411-8256 2856

天津仓库 天津市西青区王稳庄镇天源道11号天津普菱仓储服务有限公司A2库区2-2号库 +0086-022-5817-0133

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Yamato International Logistics Co., LTD. set up 9 branches and 1 offices in China. The offices’ information in each region is as follows.

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Xiamen Office No.4 Nansan Road, Xiangyu Bonded Area, Xiamen, Fujian Province +0086-0592-602 0750
International moving Q&A
中国直行便 注意事项

1.   筛选是否进口和税率(150日元/商品,最低价格3,000日元)

2.   拟定出货数码,身份证/护照情报登录案内,确认销售商品及价格,准备送单专用不干胶贴纸(4A大小四等份,可在商品网站购买)。

3.   出货时把收件人发票包在一起,卸载出货数码后将标牌贴在外包装上。
(发票上必须填写的项目①发货人名字,②收件人名字, ③品名, ④商品价格


4.  可以根据追踪号码查询物流信息。







1 税率:
2 税率计算方法:
例如:一个箱子包括:商品A(T衫)、商品B( T衫)、商品C(鞋子)。
> 关税TOTAL:关税d+关税e的综合(如不超过50人民币,关税是免的)


1. 各种物品、仿真武器、弹药及爆炸物品
2. 伪造的货币及伪造的有价证券
3. 对中国政治、经济、文化、道德有害的印刷品、胶卷、照片、唱片、影片、
4. 各种烈性毒药;
5. 鸦片、吗啡、海洛因、大麻及其他能使人成瘾的麻醉品、精神药物;
6. 新鲜水果、茄科蔬菜、活动物(犬、猫除外)、动物产品、动植物病原体和害虫及其它有害生物、动物尸体、土壤、转基因生物材料、动植物疫情流行的国家和地区的有关动植物及其产品和其他检物;
7. 有碍人畜健康的、来自疫区的以及其他能传播疾病的食品、药品和其他物品。


1, 无线电收发信机、通信保密机



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