Domestic logistics

By utilizing successful experience in Japan, Yamato develops logistics business in China.

•  Utilizing the training system of Yamato Group in Japan, trained staffs are in charge of business.

•  Steadily operate in Japan Yamato group’s management mode to meet the diverse needs of customers in logistics.

•  Meet the needs of customers by variety of transportation means.

1. Truck charter freight

Adopt vans made in Japan to realize steady transportation.

2. Truck transportation

Launched "Beijing - Shanghai" delivery service since 2009. ”For transportation in small and medium quantities, ensure safety and Reliability.

3. Local mixed loading

Composed by Yamato’s employees and dedicated vehicles to correspond to various needs of customers.

4. Cold chain transportation

Prepare special cold chain transportation for fresh foods to broaden the range of transport service.


An example of transportation flow

Yamato international logistics ltd. ↔truck transportation(room temperature/cold chain)↔customer(shop/office)




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