International Logistics

Yamato International Logistics Co., LTD. provides one-stop transportation service with a worldwide network in 73 cities. By various means of transportation portfolio, optimal logistics service is realized. With China as the center, Overland Total Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd (OTL) was established in 2010, focusing on cross-border truck transportation service. Comprehensive door to door one-stop logistics service is provided in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Yamato transportation network by sea, land and air

•  Sea freight, air freight forwarding mode from abroad

•  Processing and packaging at Yamato logistics center and re-shipment

•  Deliver to all over the country from Yamato warehouse by express delivery, long distance transportation or Yamato owned trucks.




Cross-border logistics in Southeast Asia

Our business covers trucking, freight forwarding, raw material processing and warehousing services.


•  We invest in most advanced and efficient vehicles and equipment, and provide safe and reliable logistics solutions.

•  Upgrade border passage LOLO service and enhance multifunctionality to reduce costs and shorten lead times.

•  Set up unique customs clearance team in the border passage to handle relevant procedures promptly and efficiently.

•  Adopt GPS tracking & monitoring system to provide safe and good services.



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