Qualification certification

In order to provide better professional services with high quality to our customers, Yamato International Logistics Co.,Ltd. has obtained various qualifications in professional fields.

Non-Vessel Operation Carrier (NVOCC) qualification:

In July & August 2006, Guangzhou Corporation and branches in Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenzhen has obtained respectively.


               Guangzhou NVOCC                                        Dalian NVOCC                                          Tianjin NVOCC                                           Qingdao NVOCC


                  Shanghai NVOCC                                     Shenzhen NVOCC           

 China Civil Aviation sales agent qualificatio:                                                                 Insurance agent qualification:

                      In March 2009,                                      In November 2010,                                            In May 2006,                                               In May 2009,
   Guangzhou Corporation obtained.                    Shanghai branch obtained.                           Shanghai branch obtained.                   Guangzhou Corporation obtained.

 Road Transportation Management qualification:              

                   In October 2008,                                            In July 2009,                                             In October 2010,                                         In August 2011,
     Guangzhou Corporation obtained.                    Shenzhen branch obtained.                        Shanghai branch obtained.                          Dalian branch obtained.


                   In March 2013,                                             In August 2013,
           Tianjin branch obtained.                                Beijing branch obtained.       

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