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    International TA-Q-BIN Service to Japan

    The rapid development of the e-commerce business has changed consumers' shopping habits and lifestyles. Cross-border EC logistics has further enriched the consumer experience. Logistics distribution is no longer a simple concept, but to meet more detailed needs,we have to change the traditional way of thinking and break out of the traditional way of doing things.

    As an intermediate bridge between online and offline integration, we will assume an increasingly important role in the future development of cross-border e-commerce will assume an increasingly important role in providing e-commerce sellers and consumers with more cross-border logistics options for e-commerce sellers and consumers. We will continue to build a strong logistics network, provide intelligent supply chain solutions and highly customized delivery services to support the healthy development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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    Our Goal

    From Cross-border Small Parcel Team


Centennial Brand To be a company that creates the "next way of transportation"
Founded in 1919, the Yamato Group has been innovating to meet the needs of the times, including Japan's first route logistics business and the "TA-Q-BIN". With approximately 3,500 logistics bases, 55,000 vehicles and 210,000 employees in Japan, the Yamato Group is committed to solving the problems of customers and society by building a meticulous and flexible logistics network that covers all of Japan as part of the social infrastructure.